TransformsCollected Works of Dary John Mizelle, Vol. 2

Transforms for Piano includes 14 of the 34 “transforms” performed by Laurie Hudicek. Each transform is a character piece which explores in depth some aspect of the opening musical exposition. This composition stands as a high water mark in the literature of 20th century piano music for both its musical values and technical developments. The compositions PrimaveraHeterophony for 24 Celli and Slide for 12 trombones and Computer Music explore the very special sound worlds which are uniquely obtainable from music composed for multiple instruments of same type—thus reinforcing their particular timbral idiosyncrasies. Shadows for Clarinet Choir and Percussion Ensemble combines two such sound worlds in a composition which includes some striking orchestrations of remembered dream materials and a charming children’s piano piece, along with complex contrapuntal music.

A detailed description of the form, content and performance history of Transforms appears in the book The Soul of Music, available from Mizelle Music, 2008. Please visit http://www.mizelle.org