Mirage - Mirna Lekić, piano
Mirna Lekić, piano
2023, (facd6832)
Jacob Greenberg: Living Language
Jacob Greenberg
2023, (facd6830)
Mari Kawamura: Ma ~ space between ~
Mari Kawamura
2022, (facd6831)
icarus Quartet: Big Things
icarus Quartet
2022, (facd6829)
David Loeb: Between Sea and Sky
David Loeb
2022, (facd6828)
Entertwined: Compositions by Robert Pollock from 5 Decades
Robert Pollock
2021, (facd6827)
River Town Duo: For Claire & Philip
River Town Duo
2021, (facd6824)
Sarah Frisof: Beauty Crying Forth: Flute Music by Women …
Sarah Frisof & Daniel Pesca
2020, (facd6826)
Reinaldo Moya: Hearing It Getting Dark
Reinaldo Moya
2020, (facd6825)
String Orchestra of Brooklyn: afterimage
String Orchestra of Brooklyn
2020, (facd6823)
Barbora Kolářová: Imp in Impulse
Barbora Kolářová
2020, (FACD6822)
Rückblick: New Piano Music Inspired by Brahms
Ann DuHamel, piano
2020, (facd6821)
William Kentner Anderson: Der Weg Ins Freie
William Kentner Anderson
2020, (facd6819)
Jacob Greenberg: Neo/Classic
Jacob Greenberg
2019, (facd6820)
Richard Cameron-Wolfe: An Inventory of Damaged Goods
Richard Cameron-Wolfe
2018, (FACD6818)
NY Licorice Ensemble: Warabe-Uta Remix
NY Licorice Ensemble
2016, (FACD6817)
January: Songs & Chamber Music of Mark Rimple
Mark Rimple, Composer
2016, (FACD6814)
NY Licorice Ensemble: Licorice Rhapsody
NY Licorice Ensemble
2015, (FACD6816)
CROSSINGS: New Music for Cello
Kate Dillingham, cello & Amir Khosrowpour, piano
2015, (FACD6815)
Nameless: Works by Matthew Greenbaum
Matthew Greenbaum, composer
2015, (FACD6812)
Jonathan Dawe: Piercing are the Darts
Jonathan Dawe, composer
2014, (FACD6810)
Richard Cameron-Wolfe: Burning Questions
Richard Cameron-Wolfe, Composer
2012, (FACD6813)
Anderson-Fader Duo: Le Cirque
Anderson-Fader Duo
2011, (FACD6811)
Ab nou cor: Music of Frank Brickle
Cygnus Ensemble, Frank Brickle, Composer
2011, (FACD6809)
James Brody: Zazon, Transport, Portal
James Brody, composer
2008, (FACD6701)
Jonathan Dawe: A Noise Did Rise
Jonathan Dawe, Composer
2006, (FACD6808)
Transforms: Collected Works of Dary John Mizelle, Vol. 2
Dary John Mizelle, Composer
2006, (FACD6702)
Richard Cameron-Wolfe: Paris-X
Richard Cameron-Wolfe, pianist
2004, (FACD6807)
James Brody: Background Count
James Brody, Composer
2003, (FACD6806)
George Crumb: Makrokosmos
Laurie Hudicek, Piano
2002, (FACD6805)
William Anderson: Hausmusik
William Anderson, Guitar
2002, (FACD6802)
Sound & Repercussion: New Music For Solo Flute
Linda Wetherill, Flutes
2001, (FACD6804)
Robert Martin: 9 Stellar Pieces
Robert Martin, Composer
2001, (FACD6803)
Dary John Mizelle: Soundscape
Dary John Mizelle, Composer
2001, (FACD6801)