Call For Scores 2023

Furious Artisans is interested in composers, ensembles and solo musicians whose values align with ours.

We firmly stand for freedom – including medical freedom, the right to bear arms, and other obvious freedoms and inalienable rights guaranteed by the United States constitution.

We firmly reject and oppose woke ideologies, globalism, and those who promote false narratives in order to advance dystopian world control agendas – BLM, Climate Change, Rainbow Agenda, Agenda 21, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, 15-minute cities, and many others.

When the government and the media are so brazen (and captured) as to promulgate a fake panedmic and then to further push/promote a dangerous, untested, experimental vaccine upon the citizens, everyone in the performing arts and media production industry - espeically musicians – must take that as a call to action and resist - speak truth to power, and re-educate the brainwashed.

We want to help promote these currently non-mainstream and alternative viewpoints through the arts, specifically music.

If you are a composer, ensemble or solo musician whose values do not agree with the mainstream media and the globalist cabal, get in touch! We are willing to provide administrative and other support for your work including recording and graphics services, leading to a release on our label.