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General information about Furious Artisans Records

The Furious Artisans Download Store is owned and operated by:
Furious Artisans
108 Pondfield Rd. W.
Bronxville, NY 10508

Conditions for downloading music files from the Furious Artisans Download Store


The Furious Artisans Download Store is an online music store where you can purchase and legally download music files. The music files are DRM-free and available in high-resolution formats, such as 16 and 24 bit FLAC. Find out more about formats.


Music files can be purchased and legally downloaded from our store. Music files are sold as individual tracks or entire albums. Price information is provided with the information for each music file. Internet access is necessary to access the download Store. Downloading of music files is best performed through a high-speed broadband connection.
Music files can be downloaded to a personal computer (PC), after which they can be played on the PC itself, burned on a CD-ROM, transferred to a portable music player or to another PC in accordance with the Rights section.


Downloading a music file gives you the right to:

1. play the music file on a PC
2. burn 5 CD copies
3. store 5 copies of the music file on portable music players

The music file is not permitted to be sold, loaned, or otherwise transferred to a third party.
All rights to the Furious Artisans Music Store and music files belong exclusively to Furious Artisans Records No rights are obtained to the shop or website material, including the music files, apart from the right to use described in these conditions.

The music purchased from Furious Artisans is copyright protected and use is limited to the conditions described here or copyright law, which are not subject to restriction by Furious Artisans. Music purchased from us is for personal use only, and music files cannot be traded, lent, borrowed, sold, copied, duplicated, distributed or otherwise transferred to people outside your household.
Commercial usage, rental, sale or public performance of any music file is not permitted without the prior permission from Furious Artisans.
Purchased music is permitted to be transferred to a portable music player belonging to you or those who live in your household, may be played at small private gatherings and/or copied to a CD played for this purpose. The copy must under no circumstances be used in public performances.


Music files are downloaded to your PC immediately after the order is placed and upon completion of payment.


All payments for the download store are handled through PayPal. You can pay with your PayPal account, or if you don't have a PayPal account, you can use a credit card.


Furious Artisans Records is not responsible for technical breakdown and/or lack of access to the webshop, electrical or telecommunication breakdown, vandalism (including computer viruses and hacking), misuse of personal data or other conditions and circumstances beyond our control.

Right of Return

Purchased music files are delivered immediately and therefore there is no right of return on this type of purchase. However, if a product downloaded from our webshop is found to be defective, you are entitled to place a claim for reimbursement/replacement of the defective item. The claim must be made within a reasonable period of time after discovery of the defect. Please contect us via the contact form iif you need a replacement file and we will send you a new download link.

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