Piercing are the Darts

21st-Century Chamber Works

Total Time

Track Time Preview Cost +Add
1 Gibbons, Gongs, and Gamelan (2005) 5:24 $0.99
2 Concerto for The First Sunday of New Year (2006) 3:39 $0.99
3 Concerto for The First Sunday of New Year (2006) 2:26 $0.99
4 Concerto for The First Sunday of New Year (2006) 1:58 $0.99
5 Ciphers & Constellations in Love with a Woman 3:49 $0.99
6 Ciphers & Constellations in Love with a Woman 2:08 $0.99
7 Ciphers & Constellations in Love with a Woman 5:50 $0.99
8 Super Mozart Fractals (2007) 3:16 $0.99
9 Zipoli Automata (2008) 8:02 $0.99
10 L’dafne: Sinfonia 0:43 $0.99
11 L’dafne: Act 1 0:35 $0.99
12 L’dafne: Balletto 1 0:17 $0.00 Free Downloads
13 L’dafne: Act 2 1:04 $0.99
14 L’dafne: Balletto 2 0:55 $0.99
15 L’dafne: Act 3 0:59 $0.99
16 L’dafne: Ritornello 0:49 $0.99

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Known for his dramatic fractal transformations of Baroque sounds, Jonathan Dawe has forged over the years an original and highly distinctive compositional voice. This new collection of chamber works, featuring all premiere recordings, offer a robust perspective of the innovative and imaginative world of this American composer.  

Compelling and elegant performances by violinists Miranda Cuckson and David Fulmer, clarinetist Vasko Dukovski, saxophonist Eliot Gattegno, organist Joseph Arndt, vocalists Sarah Wolfson and Karim Sulayman, the celebrated Manhattan School of Music Percussion Ensemble led by Jeffrey Milarsky, among many others are included.

Performer Listing

Gibbons, Gongs, and Gamelan
    Andrew Blanco, Matthew Kantorski, Jeremy Levine, Sean Ritenauer, Shaun Trubiano, Kyle Zerna
    Jeffrey Milarsky, Conductor

Concerto for The First Sunday of New Year
Eliot Gattegno, Soprano Saxophone
David Fulmer, Violin
Christopher Gross, Violoncello
Kris Saebo, Double Bass
Marc Williams, Conductor

Ciphers & Constellations in Love with a Woman
Miranda Cuckson, Violin
Keats Dieffenbach, Violin     Cuckson, Dieffenbach, Armbrust, Gross
Kyle Armbrust, Viola
Christopher Gross, Violoncello

Super Mozart Fractals
    Vasko Dukovski, Clarinet
    Steven Beck, Piano

Zipoli Automata
    Joseph Arndt, Organ

~an opera of 311 notes, exactly & a sinfonia & ritornello of 80 notes, also  (2006)
Sarah Wolfson, Soprano DAFNE
Karim Sulayman, Tenor  APOLLO
Kristen Dawe, Girl Soprano  CUPID
Samuel Armstrong, Alto Trombone
Clara Lyon, Violin
Serafim Smigelskiy, Violoncello
Joseph Kelly, Percussion
Jeffrey Milarsky, Conductor


Liner Notes

Within the creative world of Jonathan Dawe, early music has continued to have a profound influence. His preoccupation with this source material has led him to idiosyncratic methods of transformation of musical materials using ideas from fractal geometry. The music as a result has a distinctive sound, one in which echoes of the past, familiar in its style if not in its details, and is transmogrified into a language of the present. In this he follows in the tradition of contemporary transformation of pre-existing musical materials by any number of composers, including Bach, Brahms, Ives, Stravinsky, or Berio. There is a definite metaphysical stance here, one that suggests that the past and present are part of a fluid, perhaps non-directional continuum. Analogies in other media might be found in the painter Francis Bacon’s 20th-century reimagining of Velazquez’s 17th-century “Portrait of Pope Innocent X” or in Pound’s translations of Homer and Sophocles.

Dawe employs fractal models in transforming the appropriated musical figures in several dimensions; some of the results are readily audible. Some transformations take place on a deeper or more far-reaching level that may determine large-scale structure for the piece, which results in a sense of cohesion and directedness. The vibrant integration of these various elements, employed in the service of musical expression, has resulted in a body of work immediately communicative but ever open to the possibility of new discoveries.

Robert Kirzinger
Boston Symphony Orchestra Staff Writer



  • Artist Links: Dawe, Jonathan [Composer] | Fulmer, David [Violin]
  • Catalog #: facd6810
  • Release Date: February, 2014
  • Download Booklet: facd6810_booklet.pdf
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