Jonathan Dawe: Piercing are the Darts

21st-Century Chamber Works

Jonathan Dawe

Known for his dramatic fractal transformations of Baroque sounds, Jonathan Dawe has forged over the years an original and highly distinctive compositional voice. This new collection of chamber works, featuring all premiere recordings, offer a robust perspective of the innovative and imaginative world of this American composer


Burning Questions

Music of Richard Cameron-Wolfe

Richard Cameron-Wolfe

This is what I did: I wrote each question on a piece of paper and then – one by one – I lit a match and burned them, released them. Out of their ashes came this music.

Preview: Kyrie (Mantra)

Gene Pritsker: 2 Singles

Two Dances from Satan's Great Ball/Still Laughing Even Louder

Greg Baker, Guitar

2 great tracks composed by Gene Pritsker, recorded by guitarist Greg Baker.

Preview: Still Laughing, Even Louder


Collected Works of Dary John Mizelle, Vol. 2

Dary John Mizelle

Transforms for Piano includes 14 of the 34 “transforms” performed by Laurie Hudicek.  Each transform is a character piece which explores in depth some aspect of the opening musical exposition.
Preview: Transform 18:


Musica Obscura of Erik Satie & Dane Rudhyar

Richard Cameron-Wolfe, Piano

Paris X brings together music by the X-patriate Dane Rudhyar (1895-1985) and the X-centric Erik Satie (1866-1925), two Parisians whose personal acquaintance was slight but whose music and artistic vision offer a fascinating tapestry of similarity and difference.
Preview: Tetragram #8

George Crumb: Makrokosmos

24 fantasy-pieces after the zodiac for amplified piano

Laurie Hudicek, Piano

The fine line between fantasy and reality, where dreams can seem real and reality seems an illusion, is the place in which these 24 fantasy pieces exist, a “dream within a dream” as another American icon may have described it.

Preview: Spring-Fire Aries:

9 Stellar Pieces

Solo Music for Winds after the heavens' brightest stars

Robert Martin

"Their vigorously modernist style places [these pieces] in a contemporary world of quantification, precision, and disinclination to accept received ideas without acute analysis."
Preview: Spica:


Collected Works of Dary John Mizelle, Vol. 1

Dary John Mizelle

Soundscape, Collected Works Vol. 1 is the first volume in a series which will document the major works by acclaimed multidimensional composer, Dary John Mizelle, and includes works for percussion, toy piano, and electronic media.
Preview: Metalsong II:

Le Cirque: Anderson-Fader Duo

Contemporary Music for Guitar Duo

Anderson-Fader Duo

The debut recording from the Anderson-Fader duo, featuring world premiere recordings, and works by Wuorinen, Lang, Corbett, Pollock and more. Featuring sopranos Haleh Abghari and Elizabeth Farnum.

Wuorinen: Dodecadactyl

Ab nou cor

Music of Frank Brickle

Frank Brickle

Composer Frank Brickle, winner of a 2010 NEA Artistic Excellence award, is featured on this disc with a spectrum of works written for and performed by the Cygnus Ensemble, joined by sopranos Haleh Abghari and Elizabeth Farnum.

Preview: Ab nou cor:

Zazon, Transport, Portal

James Brody Singles

James Brody

Three great pieces by the late James Brody: furious artisans exclusive.

Preview: ZAZŌN

A Noise Did Rise

Chamber Works 1993-1999

Jonathan Dawe

The first album from acclaimed composer Jonathan Dawe, featuring stunning performances by the Cygnus Ensemble, Alan Feinberg, and the Phoenix Ensemble.
Preview: The Siren:

Background Count

Electroacoustic Music by James Brody

James Brody

"It reminds me somehow of the distant and lonely sound world of Vladamir Ussachevsky's musique concrete of the 1960s, except that Brody's sounds attract the ear more--no surprise after 40 years of technological development."
Preview: Theta Ticker:

Sound and Repercussion

New Music For Solo Flute

Linda Wetherill, Flute

Prepare yourself for a redefinition of the flute, for you are about to experience a range of expression and color hitherto unexplored throughthis revered instrument.
Preview: Vihaya:


20th Century Chamber Music for the Home

William Anderson, Guitar

Hausmusik features classical guitarist William Anderson with his colleagues from the Cygnus Ensemble in stunning performances of 20th c. solo and chamber music, much of which has never been recorded before.

Preview: Hausmusik:

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